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Upper Amazon

Upper Amazon

At a glance

Duration: 10 Days, 9 Nights

Coverage: Roundtrip Lima, Peru

From: $6,990

Season: January - February, April - May, September, November - December

Activities: Birding, Nature, Wildlife

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Lindblad Expeditions

Exploring Peru’s Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

This Upper Amazon voyage explores a unique habitat, Peru’s Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, containing flooded forests that form the headwaters of the immense Amazon River.

Take an Amazon River cruise aboard the elegant riverboat Delfin II, skimming past massive lily pads by day, and gaining a fresh perspective on life by night, as we spend our evenings relaxing on the open top deck under the stars.

The immense seasonal flood forest of the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is delimited by two rivers, which meet in the easternmost corner of the reserve to form the Amazon River. Over 60% of the birds in Peru reside in the reserve, while rare pink river dolphins swim its waters, and red howler monkeys swing through its jungle canopy. We’ll even get a chance to meet the native people – called ribereños – who rely on sustainable fishing, hunting and agriculture, just as their ancestors did.

Most of the daily outings are aboard comfortable, 10-person skiffs, which glide easily through the intricate network of waterways in the Amazon and surrounding areas.

Day-to-Day Itinerary

Day 1 — U.S./Lima, Peru

Arrive in Lima in the late evening and transfer to our conveniently located hotel, Wyndham Costa del Sol Lima Airport Hotel.

Day 2 — Lima / Iquitos / Nauta / Embark

Enjoy a morning tour of Lima, then fly to Iquitos and continue overland to the riverside village of Nauta, where the Delfin II awaits. Settle into your cabin, and gather for a welcome dinner of fine Peruvian cuisine on board. Tonight, step out on deck to gaze at the magnificent Amazon night sky. (B,L,D)

Day 3-8 — Exploring the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve

Spend this week exploring the Pacaya- Samiria National Reserve, a pristine swath of jungle—stretching more than five million acres, and harboring some of the Amazon’s most fascinating flora and fauna. Bordered by the Marañón and the Ucayali, these two powerful rivers converge to create the famed Amazon, which floods annually with nutrient-rich waters and is known locally as the Mirrored Forest for the reflections created by its glassy water.

Set out into this remarkable wilderness on daily excursions by skiff, kayak, and, when the water level permits, hikes on dry land. Skim past giant lily pads afloat on black-water lakes, and venture deep into the rain forest on narrow tributaries. Spot sloths and monkeys, including variably colored saddleback tamarins, noisy howlers, and shaggy-tailed monk saki monkeys. Watch for an astounding variety of birds, from tanagers and hummingbirds to parrots and endangered scarlet macaws. In the river, look for massive paiche fish, the Amazon’s largest; rare pink dolphins; and the infamous piranhas.

Enjoy an opportunity to swim in a lake in the reserve’s interior. Seek out victoria amazonica, a giant water lily that grows in small lagoons. Go on a bird-watching hike, listening for the vocal oropendola and then looking for its telltale yellow tail. Watch the sun set and listen to a cacophonous symphony of nocturnal animals calling out across the treetops. Then slip through the forest in a skiff as night falls, using a spotlight to find caimans, frogs, fishing bats and other creatures of the night.

Pay a visit to one of the communities on the reserve’s edge and get to know the ribereños, those who live on the riverbanks, and their age-old traditions. Enjoy watching them make jewelry and other local handicrafts. Learn how local subsistence farmers cultivate wild plants and trees to earn income. Hear about how the locals find edible fruits and indigenous plants with medicinal properties hidden in the jungle. (B,L,D DAILY)

Day 9 — Nauta / Disembark / Iquitos / Lima

Enjoy one last morning excursion by skiff to view wildlife. After lunch, disembark in Nauta, and return to Iquitos overland for a late afternoon flight to Lima. Overnight at the Wyndham Costa del Sol Lima Airport Hotel. (B,L)

Day 10 — Lima / U.S.

After breakfast, transfer to the airport in Lima for your flight home. (B)

Please note: All day-by-day breakdowns are a sampling of the places we intend to visit, conditions permitting.

Upper Amazon Itinerary Map

Dates & Rates

Dates Suites Master Suites Single
May 5, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
May 19, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
May 26, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Jun 30, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Jul 7, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Aug 18, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Aug 25, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Sep 1, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Oct 13, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Oct 20, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Oct 27, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Nov 3, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Dec 8, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Dec 15, 2018 $6,690 $7,830 $10,040
Dec 29, 2018 $7,680 $8,690 $10,980
Jan 5, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Jan 12, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Jan 19, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Jan 26, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Feb 2, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Feb 16, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Feb 23, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Mar 2, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Mar 9, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Mar 16, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Apr 27, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
May 4, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
May 11, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
May 18, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Jun 8, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Jun 15, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Jun 22, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Aug 10, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Aug 24, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Oct 26, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Nov 2, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Nov 9, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Nov 30, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Dec 7, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790
Dec 14, 2019 $7,190 $8,590 $10,790


Delfin II

Delfin IITake an Amazon River cruise aboard the elegant riverboat Delfin II, skimming past massive lily pads by day, and gaining a fresh perspective on life by night, as we spend our evenings relaxing on the open top deck under the stars. View ship details...

Cruise Reviews

Delfin II - June 2010

Delfin IIWe have arrived! At last after so many years (the last trip of the Polaris up the Amazon River was back in 1996), Lindblad has returned with guests to the largest rainforest on earth.

On landing in Iquitos airport, we were met by the natural history staff of the Delfin II in the airport, and soon enough we were off to the village of Nauta on the banks of the Marañon River. By driving to Nauta from Iquitos we saved ourselves time and the ship a long sail. By the time we boarded the Delfin II, we were only a hop, skip and a jump from the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. We were anxious to get started, so in the afternoon we put on our rubber boots and went for a walk in the Amazon.

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