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Wilderness Discoverer Cruise Review

Itinerary: Famed Passage of Discovery - May 2017

Wilderness Discoverer

Hi Linda. We stayed an extra day in Juneau at the end of the cruise and in a few days in Seattle at the end of the trip so we just got home Monday evening.

Wilderness Discoverer was a wonderful ship from end to end. Famed Inside Passage was a fabulous trip. Staff was super, very caring, excited and friendly. As this was the first sailing for the year for this ship in Alaska, we were impressed on how smooth and well trained everyone seemed to be. As well as excited as were to see the sights.

Jessica was filling in as the pastry chef on the first part of the trip from Seattle to Ketchikan, and her pastries and desserts were presented so tastefully. The food was delicious at each meal, good portions, always seconds if you wished, fresh, good selections each meal. All around great food. Serving staff was always so willing to accommodate everyone. If they didn't have it...they would get it...I personally like a certain type of mustard. The ship did not have it. However apparently it was a favorite of one of the kitchen staff. He found it in a market in one of the early ports. Loved it...

We really enjoyed the entire trip. Just one stretch of rough water going north through the Canadian Inside Passage. Not all that bad and we had no problems.

Enjoyed our fellow travelers, especially the many Aussies. Age range was about 60 and up. Most people seemed to be retired and well traveled. A very friendly group. The first part of the trip from Seattle to Alaska there were 52 people on the ship. On the second part of the trip the other people came on the ship and we were full. We believe those that came on the second part of the trip were jealous when we shared all we had seen and done in the days since we started in Seattle.

A thrill to see see the Killer Whales, Humpbacks, Seals, bears, etc. A thrill to get up close to a calving glacier. The noise, the crushing of the ice is amazing as it crashes into the water. Always a great mix of activities, no time to get bored. Good times to chill and connect with your fellow passengersl. Guides were super, very knowledgeable. Fun to get up on the bridge with the Captain and fellow officers and watch the whole operation.

We would highly recommend UnCruise for a future cruise. Thanks for the info, Linda on other small ship cruises. Very interested.