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Wilderness Discoverer Cruise Review - May 2014

Wilderness Discoverer

Linda thank you for everything. We planned with you for so long and in a blink of an eye one week goes by way to quickly.

We were glad we took your advice and came into Juneau two days early. We toured and dinned in many different venues. Loving salmon we ate as much as we could. Weather was glorious and we were able to take advantage of the late days by taking a short hike after dinner each evening.Food was good , but I can't say we had any fabulous meals that I would suggest to your future clients.

Wilderness Discoverer - overall exceeded our expectations. start with a welcome from smiling happy crew members who took us to the ship.

Cabin - our cabin was well appointed, but small, but it is small ship so expected. Looked like new bedding and the cabin was fresh and spotless. We LOVED the door going outside, we did spend much time right outside our cabin door. happened to have great neighbors on either side of us and made new good friends. We were in a Pathfinder.

Food - almost to busy, and to much going on to sit down and enjoy breakfast or lunch, always looking towards the next activity. Dinner we could relax and be waited on by the wonderful crew, who as the week went by you got to know really well.

Activities - ok this is what we came to Alaska for and it did not disappoint. The glorious wether allowed us to do everything. Bring your bathing suit, we really did jump into that freezing water for a nano second. Here is where the young, energetic staff shine. Their enthusiasm to get off the ships and show us Alaska in an active way was contagious. I am high adventure my husband less so. We both were taken care of. Hikes were rated for different levels of length and difficulty. Being one of the first sailings I believe our long hikes may have been adventure for the leaders as well. None of us seemed to know what was around the next bend which was a thrill. Un chartered territory so to speak. Probably not but the leader made us feel we were the first to walk the path. Kayaking was done so easily with the launch ramp. Great fun activity that we did at every chance. We were off the ship for long periods of time and back for lunch and to move the ship to other locations. We always had full days and really slept well. No late night anything on this ship, everyone was tired at night.

Pro - Linda's personal attention and Alaska information getting us ready for our adventure. Staff staff staff on the ship....can't say enough. weather of course, organization of all activities, everyone seemed to be on the same page which made everything flow well. We felt pampered and taken care of. We enjoyed the bar and the conversations during our happy hour. An overall wonderful experience that I wish had been longer. Going back I would like to have done two itineraries back to back since there was so much more to see and one week was just not enough. Un-Cruise spoiled me.

Con - I just don't have any ... except probably should have spent time in Sitka after.

—Two Happy Past Passengers from Denver Colorado