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Wilderness Adventurer Cruise Review

Itinerary: Alaska Wilderness Passages of Discovery - April 2013

Wilderness Adventurer

What a trip! We travel tons and always rate the trip on the flight home. This was the top of the chart. Ship, crew, destination, weather, overall experience. A 10 out of 10. We list Sunstone Tours & Cruises as our travel agent being part of the preparation as a 10 also.

Loved your suggestion of the Waterfront Marriott in Seattle for our pre nights. We met up with the ship and our new best friends for the next 14 days in the late afternoon.

Ship experiences


Book early. We took the best cabin since it was such a long cruise. Very happy with the accommodations. Mmade good use of the door opening at all times to view the scenery. I didn't stand out in my nightgown wrapped in a blanket in front of the glacier as you said you did, but I got the idea.

Crew / Ship

Can not say enough...many crew first time on this sailing so their enthusiasm was contagious. They knew us by name, we knew them by name. Exchanged e-mails and hope to keep in contact. We were fortunate to have Dan Blanchard the owner on our ship for part of the sailing. He brought a whole new level of fun and excitement to our experience. From the cabin steward to the captain, we were like a family. Food was good, varied, fresh and severed in good portions with always seconds if you wished

Weather / Experience

We were so very lucky. We knew the weather on this sailing can be an issue. We started out with two days of drizzle rain and it got better day by day. In Frederick Sound we were on the top deck sitting in shorts and tee shorts watching for whales. Every day was a new adventure for the camera. Wildlife, sea life, glaciers and everything Alaska has to offer was there for us. We didn't miss a thing. We kayaked (first time ever), zodiacs into small little nooks and across many sections of water. the zodiacs give so much flexibility to see everything. Oh my what those big ship people are missing.

Dan, the owner, shared future plans of Costa Rica, Galapagos, Hawaii. Linda, keep us in the loop, we will do this again.

Two nights in Juneau at the end was good for us. Goldbelt was good


  • Listen to Linda. She has done this before and knows her stuff.
  • Be prepared for stretches of sailing going through Canada. Prepare to relax here and there. But it gets more active as you get to Alaska.
  • Good boots are important.
  • Pack light but clever — layer layer layer
  • Pre- and post-stays a good idea.
  • No Internet.


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