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Wilderness Adventurer Cruise Review

Itinerary: Alaska Glacier Bay Park Adventure - June 2018

Wilderness Adventurer

I think it important to say without reservation that the UnCruise Wilderness Adventurer trip was ‘excellent’.

It was clearly apparent that the trip and route and daily activities were well thought out. It was very apparent that the crew worked very hard to make sure that they were maximizing each day’s activities to provide the best experience for the guest. It was apparent that customer service excellence was a priority for the entire crew. The overall service, food, activities, equipment, housekeeping, extra services, was excellent.

As to wildlife viewing, yes we did see whales, maybe 20 total over the 7 day cruise, we did see 8-10 coastal brown bears on the shorelines. We saw many sea otters and sea lions, and of course the bird life from eagles to ducks was everywhere. The guided hikes were great as well. The guides are highly educated and trained and were perfect in the role as tour guides to explain the environmental and eco aspects of each eco system we were observing. The weather cooperated very well. Only one day of off and on light rain showers.

Thank you for being our travel agent and helping with all of the little details to plan our trip. Great job to you and your team!

—Don and Jean Hester, Evansville, IN