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Victory II Cruise Review

Itinerary: French Canada and Great Lakes - July 2018

Vicotry II

We had a ball...folks reading this, Linda at Sunstone Tours talked us into this cruise since it is new and we had never heard of it. Being half price for the inaugural cruise helped our decision. Linda sailed on the Victory I a few weeks before and enjoyed it. Linda is the expert on all small ship...she is worth the call 888-815-5428

What fun too on a inaugural and doing everything the first time with the staff. Yes some delays and hiccups but you have to expect that no matter how much they prepared.

The ship, the Victory ll was spic and span and we were the first people to stay on our cabin. We had this another time in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock many yeas ago. The telephone book was proped up against our door to be put in the new room. They just forgot to do it. Us as the first guests brought it in.

Our embarkation from Montreal was the next day so we really used the ship as our first night hotel, all inclusive hotel. Boy does the liquor and wine flow.This was great since we flew in the day of the cruise and now it gave us time to adventure through the city.

Oh yes, one thing that I was concerned about. The ship staff took our passports and kept them. There was a time we entered back into the US that we needed to show them. It all went well, but odd to give up your passport.

Three perfect meals a day and so many snacks. The last few days I made a habit of skipping a meal a day. All was so good, well prepared, good portion size. Breakfast mostly was a rush to get on the bus, I never got up early enough. Our one sea day I just slept through breakfast. Bed was so comfy no problem sleeping, more of a problem of getting up.

Staff was great, sometimes a little slow in serving, sometimes not perfect what we ordered and what we got. But, fixed in a jiffy in all cases. Our ship was not full, we understand the next sailing out of Detroit is a full ship.

We enjoyed the hot rock meal in the alternative restaurant on the fourth deck. Salmon and steak cook on a hot plank of slate or something that heats up very high and cooks in front of you. No smoke no nothing, just cooks as much as you like, you have total control. Looking on internet since we got back. It is quite popular, this is the first we had heard of it.

  1. Loved the ship
  2. Loved the ports
  3. Loved our cabin
  4. Loved that we could UBER home from Detroit
  5. Loved the 1/2 price promotion. And paid gratuities
  6. Loved the free flowing wine

When all was said and done and the fat lady sings....we had a great time.

The hotel manager, talked to us at dinner about their Cuba trip...whats your thoughts Linda??