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S.S. Legacy Cruise Review

Itinerary: Legacy of Discovery - July 2015

S.S. Legacy

Thank you for your suggestion of Un-Cruise as we had a great time. Besides everything else that was spectacular and relaxing about this destination they have to mix it all up with riotius laughter and fun with your group of out of work actors :):) OK, maybe that is a little harsh, as they are gainfully employed by Un-Cruise, but it is not Broadway. And that just might be a good thing.

So, we came into Portland a day early since we had never been. Stayed in a chain hotel at the airport as we came in so late. Took a taxi into town and walked around looking for your "don't miss sites". Powell Books defies description. Largest in the world does not suprise me. If I didn't pull my husband outta there we would have missed our cruise that afternoon.

Voodoo Donuts ... ok, so I did gain 5 pounds on the cruise as the food was delicious. But it could be that the three donuts I ate before even stepping on the boat could have added to that. When you can't make up your mind what flavor, being on vacation, what the heck, you order all three. And we did.

Now the cruise ... it lived up to the expectations you set for us. It was a combination, of scenery, history education, lovely new people to meet, good exercise off the ship. We were happy with the Admiral's cabin 202..way better than some of the others we peaked at through the window. The ship had about 10 cabins empty. Our fellow passengers were a mix...two families with younger kids, a few teens and mostly retired or close to retired, well traveled, cruise savy and a number had been on other Un-Cruise ships. Mostly in Alaska it seemed.

High Points:

  1. Going through the locks; especially very early morning
  2. Fort Clatsop and our naturalist telling us the history as we stood there
  3. Private wine tour at one of the wineries
  4. General overall education of the Pacific Northwest
  5. Touring Maryhill Museum
  6. The staff, the staff, the staff, the staff ... did I mention the staff?

Could be improved points:

  1. The ride into Hell's Canyon was over rated. Our expectations set so high if nothing more than for its name. Yes, it was lovely but not what we expected.
  2. Leave fruit out for passengers who want a snack at night but can't have sugar.

Overall, we felt a well spent expenditure. PS, we almost put down a deposit for a future cruise, but were so undecided. Now been home a few days we are talking, will call you in the morning if we can make up our mind. I believe they said we could get the benefit of the on board deposit for a few days after returning home.

Thank you do good work.

—Thomas and Thema, Hollywood, FL