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Safari Explorer Cruise Review

Itinerary: Hawaiian Seascapes - February 2012

Safari Explorer

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you, life gets in the way. We as a family went over our photos again last night and went to bed dreaming of returning to do this trip again next year.

We are: Family of four, our boys are 13 and 15, live in New York, wanted to escape the cold weather for kids winter school break. We had sailed Alaska before and used Linda at Sunstone Tours. We called and asked for a warm waether idea and she came up with Hawaii. We didn't know this trip existed. We had been to Ohau many years ago but never the outter islands. We were thrilled with her knowledge.

Flight and arrival: We rate everything of this experience as a 10. Except the long flights which were killers. Overnight at LAX to visit cousins broke the boredom some. We flew to Ohau / Kona (suggest an overnight to explore, but we were on kids school schedule so we were not able). We arrived and were met at the airport by a young big smile employee of American Safari. They took our luggage and took us to a Courtyard hotel in town. We had a few hours to explore the area grab a meal and Hawaiian Ices and we were hot to get on the ship and sail out.

Safari Explorer

Ship/Cabin: As my son said upon boarding the American Safari Explorer, "Dad, this is great, we are rich and famous for a week". Honestly it did feel that way, we were with 30 like minded passengers, well traveled, fun, adventursome, go with the flow for a week type of group. Our sons were the only children on the ship, it made no difference, the crew is young and they had the time of their life. The ship is spotless very yacht feeling. Master Staterooms, twin beds and good view window. Spent little to no time in our cabins.

Food: Not important to us but I know your clients will ask. Fresh, healthy, abundant, too much, too often. Had to use self control. Kids with bottomless stomachs ate x 10. We were up early to watch the early morning sun on the water. We enjoyed fruit and coffee on the deck, enjoyed early morning yoga and then breakfast. Lunch buffet or BBQ, dinner sit down, BBQ. Always varied and we looked forward to every meal to exchange stories with our fellow passengers. Seating is musical chairs and you get to know everyone.

Safari Explorer

Activites: On a 1-10 rate this a 20. We were off the ship in the water, on top of the water, under the water, we might have walked on water at some point. Bathing suits with sunscreen were the dress code. We hiked, swam, kayaked, explored caves and inlets, we used paddleboards, canoes, skiffs, wakeboards, snorkeled, dived, swam with manta rays, dolphins, sea turtles, saw whales, sailboat, hiked waterfalls..on and on.... Lunch on the white sand beaches with home base set up for water, sunscreen, etc...out on our own but well taken care of. We would go out as a family and then out as a group. The crew took the kids out for high active exploring and water activities. The boys were adopted by the crew which gave us parents some good relax time. We learned about the Hawaiian culture, songs, food, lei making, macadamia farming, coffee farming, pineapple farming.

Overall: Sum this up as a week in paradise on a yacht being pampered. Costly yes, but money well spent. Thank you did a good job for us..we will be back with you in the future.