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Safari Explorer Cruise Review

Itinerary: Discover's Glacier Country - July 2012

Safari Explorer

We started our experience in Anchorage using your example in doing the land tour first. We do think it was the best way. The land is vast, roughed, untamed, almost un hospitable. That said we had the best weather, no rain, zero, zip rain on any day. Once at night and that is all. We saw Mt. McKinley in her glory, and magnificent it was. It was a wonderful trip. I tried to break it down for you.


  • Anchorage - night at the Captain Cook Hotel, big and busy, best Anchorage has to offer, view from our room of the Cook Inlet was magnificent.
  • Alaska Railroad - Goldstar seating, early morning to Denali Station. Transferred down to the train station, it was like being in Europe, old station, backpackers, suitcases, excitement. The trip was narrated by high school students and some elderly folks. very well done. food on the train in the dinning car was first class.
  • To Kantishna - train pulls in to Denali Station, Kantishna small bus picks you up, very long day of sitting, don't think you can avoid it. Would not miss the train or ride out to Kantishna for anything but it is long. Alaska is HUGE. Animals and "the mountain" during the trip, magnificent experience
  • Kantishna - in the middle of nowhere, way out there, thought about medical care, good thing it was not an issue. Casual, remote, healthy air, healthy activities and good food. Quite the experience, not for everyone. We loved it.
  • Charter flight from Denali back to Anchorage - Linda THANK YOU, we did not know how special this plan would be for us. When mentioned in our planning we rolled our eyes and decided to take your advice, spend the money and wish for the best. Brilliant on your part. The bus and train back out would have been a low point to a magnificent Kantishna expereince. The weather being clear made it all that more beautiful. Fellow people at Kantishna heard about the possible flights and some of them booked a flight back to Denali Station, but were not able to book the flight you put us on. Thank you.
  • Anchorage to Juneau flight - normal Alaska Airlines jet service
  • Juneau Baranoff - the hospitality room. We left our luggage and walked around Juneau. Very interesting busy town with way to many Princess ships at the docks pouring people into the streets and into the stores. Hard to imagine the real Juneau. We wanted to have lunch at the Red Dog Salon as your suggested, way long line, we had to pass. People shopping in jewelry stores, almost carnival like on the streets. The city must enjoy the revenue that they allow their town to be overrun every day all summer. We could not wait to sail out. Spending the morning at Kantishna and the afternoon in Juneau was such culture shock, hard to believe they are both in the state of Alaska. You get my point ... no big ships in our future.


We were on the Safari Explorer 32, passengers, a lovely yacht experience. I would not say luxurious, but considering where we were I would say the must luxurious possible. We were in the "B" category and enjoyed our cabin. Alaska is so vast and truly the last frontier as you said. We loved it all. First class treatment from a lovely friendly, knowledgeable crew. Never a "no" or "I don't know", they were upbeat, positive and seemed to really love what they were doing. We had no rain on the cruise, none, zero, zip, the crew would rub our heads as their good luck charm. Fellow passengers were a good group. Amazingly we seemed to be the least well traveled. We have decided we need to catch up on that issue and will be calling you for Galapagos. Just a great great trip all around. You took care of us in our months of preparation, and American Safari took good care of us on the trip, and we have already passed your name around to neighbors.

—Clients from Massachusetts

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