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Safari Explorer Cruise Review

Itinerary: Discoverer's Glacier Country - June 2012

Safari Explorer

We had a wonderful time on our trip. The weather held out nicely for the week on the boat. In Juneau before the trip ..not so good, lots of rain. The Westmark Baranoff Hotel was well located. Correct about the different styles of rooms. We were glad we sprung for the top floor view room. We peaked at others and were not impressed.

We saw a lot of bears, some whales, a few wolves (which are rare to see) and of course, my favorite the Glacier areas. It was so exciting to kayak close to the glacier. We saw some "tremendous" calving at the glacier. It was the highlight of the trip for me!

My husband is connected to the founders of Juneau. We did get to do some searching of info of "Joe Juneau", but not too much is printed about him. We went to the gravesite, which was nice to see. They do, apparently, have "Juneau" family reunions, which we were not aware of. I'll do more research later on that.

The crew on the ship were great...the food was absolutely the best! Better than most big cruise ships. Better than I expected. I do not eat fish which was not an issue, I had good options. Everyone got along great, with a wide variety of people from all over. The ship is a yacht and we had almost a full ship. Luxury in small places when possible. Cabin lovely, big windows, Admiral Category, love the mattress, thick towels, good count sheets.

We would certainly recommend this to those who want a "nature" type of trip.

—Lynne Walker

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