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Safari Endeavour Cruise Review

Itinerary: Baja’s Bounty - March 2018

Safari Endeavour

Wanted to get my family back in touch with nature. We have lost ourselves in the age of technology that we have a hard time enjoying what we are doing or the beautiful sights with our face is planted in a cellphone. Whales and no cell phone reception for a week with family. Mom, Dad, 16 year old and 14 year old. Two cabins, Category Commander.

Busy every day and every minute. Evening for education of the next day. Meals delicious and times to hear others experiences as everyone was on the same page as to why they were on the ship. Spring break so our kids had friends.

Cold winter at home and here we were on the Sea of Cortez living in our bathing suits. We snorkeled, we hiked, we went out in zodiacs, we swam, we ate.. Adults enjoyed evening drinks of top shelf brands along with good wines. Our first small ship experience. The difference when the crew knows your name. The Captain chatted with out boys on the bridge many times. And then having the staff with us at meals. Everyone interacting like a family, in tune with each other.

Except for the trip over to Baja Magdalena, we never saw another boat the whole seven days. We were alone with nature. Loved seeing all the birds flying around, dolphins and whales. getting swim with whale sharks. I never thought I would actually get in the water, but when it came down to it, I would regret never doing it. We also got to snorkel with sea lion pups and did some of the most amazing kayaking in Isla Espiritu Santo. We got to stargaze and watch the bioluminescent glow. It truly was breathtaking.

We thoroughly enjoyed all that there was., plenty to do for a wide variety of activity-types. Will definitely be recommending this trip and Linda to friends on the east coast. It is now November and windy and cold as I write this. Beam me back to the Sea of Cortez.

—The Markem family, Albany, New York.