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Safari Endeavour Cruise Review

Itinerary: Famed Passages of Discovery - September 2014

Safari Endeavour

The trip was really great. The highlight was the crew and staff. The naturalists and explorers were enthusiastic, informed, and worked great as a team. They made everyone feel comfortable. The evening presentations were well planned. The naturalists are all better leading hikes than as lecturers. There was one exception.

The food was pretty good. A larger selection of vegetables and salads would have helped. Service was uniformly good. The hors d'oevres were pretty bad at cocktail hour ... the only good negative.

The room was comfortable. Our unique problem was being located on an inside hallway with two outside doors that were often left ajar creating drafts. Despite several attempts to correct the paper work on bed set up from twins to a king, we arrived with twin beds. Once we rearranged them to a king ... i.e. placing them next to one another, the crew changed the bedding to a king. It all worked out.

The boat had excellent rain gear. They should find a way to provide a dryer for guest use. Even with two layers of rain gear we all got soaked to the bone at Misty Fjords. All of us shared stories of rooms covered with wet clothing and the fine art of laundering with blow dryers.

There were some exciting and challenging hikes. One suggestion is for the crew. The hikes were somewhat poorly described. There were some hikes that should have been pared down.. there were a few people who were in over their heads. Generally the crew did a good job editing the groups to fit the fitness level but they could do a bit more.

The boat was generally nice. I wish we had skipped the town visit.. Don't even remember the name.. very dull museum and tourist oriented shops of little interest. The lectures on the indigenous people were informative.

The people on the boat were all quite pleasant. We all found our niche of dinner companions. Somehow the crew could be more like hosts in introducing guests to one another. There was a nice balance of personalities.

We loved the morning yoga. Some wet and damp solutions for the yoga areas would help save time and add to comfort.

Nicki was a great massage therapist.

Having guys lead exercise classes would be good. The women were amazing but balancing this out would be good.

The hotel based uncruise rep in Juneau was great. She told us about hikes nearby and her help was appreciated. there was a lot of waiting around time that we were able to use effectively. The Juneau hotel was not all that great which you told us to expect. The king crab shack in town was amazing.

We had a memorable and fun trip.

We are not cruise people and were quite worried about the group experience. Pleasantly surprised.

Many thanks for your good work.

—Jon and Richard