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Safari Endeavour Cruise Review

Itinerary: Discoverer's Glacier Country - July 2013

Safari Endeavour

I have finally settled down and unpacked and the grandkids have gone home to Virginia. House is returning to normal, I wanted to give you feedback on our cruise.

  • The arrangements were flawless. Everything worked perfectly and we were extremely well prepared and properly packed.. Six people, three Commander Staterooms.
  • The experience was everything we were looking for. It was a perfect answer to our request.
  • The accommodations were "luxury" as advertised. We were extremely comfortable. While the rooms are small, and the showers even smaller, that is exactly what you expect on a boat. Everything was clean, there was no musty smell, there were plenty of drawers, closets, hooks etc to unpack, hang towels, etc. Quite comfortable. The kids enjoyed the DVD players in each room. Our 3 rooms were right next to each other so quite convenient. The boat had plenty of boots, rain gear, lifejackets etc and the kayaks, rubber boats etc were in great condition. The launching pad on the back of the boat (fantail or some name like that) was excellent. So easy to get in and out. The bar was stocked with premium liquors and plenty of it - including my husband's beloved single malt scotches, which surprised him. The wines at dinner were great as were the wine lectures and tastings from the experts on board. The food was fine - plated meals, plenty of choices, plenty of ability to ask for seconds, or to ask for something not on menu. They had a wonderful and plentiful kids menu (chicken tenders, PB and Jelly, mac n cheese, burgers, all beef hot dogs, grilled cheese and tomato soup (which lots of adults ordered). Very accommodating.
  • The excursions were well designed, well guided, extremely well organized and communicated and there was something for every level of ability and clearly communicated so we never ended up on something too hard for the kids. And they let the kids try everything, including letting the 6 year old try paddle boarding which she loved and was very successful at (and they sent a guy out there with a boat in case she needed help so I never felt worried. The kids loved hiking the glaciers, kayaking and paddle boarding.
  • We saw lots of wildlife, including an unprecedented number of frolicking and lunging humpback whales.
  • Everyone had fun and we had good family time. The "everything included" feature definitely delivered and we all felt it was well worth the money.

On the other side, if I were to pass on a suggestion (and this is my own fault due to last minute booking). It would have been even better if we had been able to get on the cruises focused on kids. There were no other kids on this sailing. The people on the boat were warm and friendly to the kids and no-one complained about their noisy play (at times) or the occasional sibling poking at each other or fighting over who had the bigger binoculars :) But I would have been a little less worried about bothering the others if it was a kids cruise (this was a wine cruise, so they really didn't expect to run into kids - although everyone was wonderful to us. I think on the kids cruises they have activities for kids during the "happy hour" or while we are underway sailing - to keep the kids busy or there would have been playmates. As it was, we (parent, grandparent) were constantly playing board games, or hide and seek and we had a little less rest than we would have had we found a kids cruise. Again, this is not a complaint, and this was my fault but just a lesson I learned for myself and a comment you may want to pass on to other clients. Also, I think on kids cruises the excursions and outings might have been a little shorter (for example, the guided kayak trips were 2 hours and many hikes were 2-1/2 to 3 hours and some days were drizzly and cold). Our kids did just fine and they were troopers, and the expedition manager guided us to the best options, but I worried a little about whether it would be too much for them. I think the kids cruise might have had more options.

All in all an wonderful time was had by all, I would definitely recommend UnCruise - they were very impressive and I thank you for all your help and good organization. If you would like me to write a review for you or for UnCruise on Yelp, I would be happy to do it when I return.