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Safari Endeavour Cruise Review

Itinerary: Discoverer's Glacier Country - June 2013

Safari Endeavour

We continue to rave about this trip. It was really wonderful. The Safari Endeavor was great from the food to the staff. The cabins were comfortable, but I doubt anyone spent much time there. Commander stateroom with twin beds.

High points: the staff, the magnificent scenery, the incredible meals, being able to hang out with Captain Kendra Nelson on the bridge, kayaking, and hiking. The massage and open bar were pretty cool, too.

Low points: hmm ... I need to think about this one. Well, one thing, maybe – but it wasn't about the cruise. We came in two days early and stayed at the Westmark Baranoff. We did the helicopter with Coastal helicopter to the dog sled area on the glacicer. It was raining pretty hard and as it turned out we were the last group they took up there due to the poor weather. We didn't get to see much on the flight the way over. The dogs and sledding were great, even in the rain, but I wish we’d been able to see the scenery on the way over.

On the other hand, there was plenty to see on the cruise.

In a word: spectacular. Can't wait until Un-cruise opens up the Costa Rica route. We'll go!