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Safari Endeavour Cruise Review

Itinerary: Discoverer's Glacier Country - July 2012

Safari Endeavour

This was a trip for my sister and I, my sister is very well traveled, I am not. This trip was over my budget from the day we booked it and I was concerned all along if it would be a value for my dollar. I had a few second thoughts since we booked it nine months prior.

If words can paint a picture, you would see me with a smile from ear to ear and jumping up and down. The company should put in on their poster. How can I convey strongly enough how this trip set the bar for any other trip in my life. My well traveled sister would agree.

From the first minute of meeting our group in the Westmark Baranoff, to the sad moment when the staff (who were now your friends) line up to say goodbye as you walk off the boat for the last time, it was pure perfection in every way.

Passengers aboard the Safari Endeavour

Cabin: We had the second least expensive cabin, need to book early to get these, Commander 304. This was Linda's suggestion as she has sailed on this ship many times. She was correct it was quiet and very well placed with a door to go outside. Comfortable twin beds. Do not expect luxury but very very comfortable.

Food: Excellent, I gained 5 pounds. Always varied choices, healthy and well presented, just to much of it. Chris the bartender was a gem, always remembering what I liked to drink. All drinks are included in the price. Always a special drink of the day offered with or without alcohol.

Crew aboard the Safari Endeavour

Fellow Passengers: We had the most wonderful group, everyone got along beautifully. Everyone was interested in meeting everyone so meals were always musical chairs with new seat mates. We had four teens on the ship who were best friends after the second day. They had some fun wild games with the crew at night in the lounge.

Crew: Here is the secret to this cruise line. I wish I knew who interviews and hires the crew, excellent interview process. They are the most happy, friendly, well trained and positive group of staff I have every come across. With this they bridge the fence of becoming your friend but still keeping the respect of us being the paying passengers. They were excited as we were at every turn of wildlife and sea life. "No" was not in their vocabulary, they made things happen.

Breaching Killer Whale

See and Do: From the early morning yoga class with Nancy to the Humpback and Orcas breaching, blowing, bubble net feeding, slapping, we saw it all. We saw bears, and an amazing thing according to the crew a grisly bear on the shore being friends with a wolf, smelling each other and enjoying the sun. One of my favorite activities was a tide pool walk with Matt one of the Naturalists. Others went hiking I decided to take it easy and tide pool. Oh my goodness, what a treat, besides Matt being the absolute best in personality and giving us education it was one of many highlights of the trip. We saw sea life in such an abundance; Sea Stars as big as dinner plates in a rainbow of colors. We kayaked, we explored, many did paddle boards and jumped off the ship. We went out in zodiacs/skiffs every day. We hiked, set up for all levels of fitness. We were always busy, so much to see and do, if you are looking for relaxing, sure you can do that, but oh what you will miss.


We had 2 days of sun 1/2 day of rain, the rest being overcast. We felt lucky.

So that is it — a review of the best trip of my life, I could write a novel on this, maybe I will someday — Linda — our bucket list just added so many new destinations that American Safari visits. Could we be so lucky to get another group of passengers who were so compatible. At the end of the trip, the crew stands in line outside so you can personally say goodbye to each one. We had tears, we hung around so long we got in the way of delivery of supplies for the next week. We and a few other passengers stayed in Juneau another night, we hung together like we were still on the ship. We made some very good friends who we will remain in touch with.

—Katherine - Illinois