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Pearl Mist Cruise Review

Itinerary: Great Lakes & Georgian Bay Cruise - June 2018

Pearl Mist

What a dream relaxing no pressure vacation this was. Just what we needed after the medical dramas we have had the last few years.

We came into Chicago a day early and stayed at a non exciting hotel downtown. I can't even remember the name. We should have had you do this for us instead. We were ready for our 11 day sailing.

Entrance to the ship was a class act, at Navy Pier. The pier I understand has been totally renovated from what it used to look like. Once we left Chicago on Lake Michigan we could not believe we were on a lake. We live on Lake Tahoe, a reasonably sizable lake...but nothing like Lake Michigan.

So the ship was lovely, our cabin was large category L on the top deck with a balcony, 300 sq feet.. Well furnished, good room steward, pleasant furnishing. More like a hotel feel than a ship cabin. Bathroom was larger than expected on a cruise ship.

Food was ... some small disappointments that were sent back with no issues. Breakfast was good, lunch was more hit and miss depending on the day. Portions were small with no problem ordering seconds. I would give the food a "fair".

I guess our biggest surprise, and you did tell us, was the cost for all the excursions and what is offered and what is not. The going in costs for this trip is not inexpensive, and to realize it does not include much of anything that would be for what the areas are known for was disappointing. Then if you sign up for the extra tours "featured tours" you pay and mostly miss out on the small tours that are included. For instance, Ford Museum In Detroit which is actually docking n Windsor, Ontario. Half day museum is something like $60 per person and the full day with Greenville Village in around $100 per person. One included tour which was interesting was the tour of the SS Keewatin. Shows how much cruise ships have changed.

Weather was hot some days and humid, expected. Sunsets were magnificent from our balcony. Mornings were pleasant and then it warms up. We could not leave our sliding door open at night due to insects. In a few places they were a issue during the day also. Something the population has learned to live with.

As I started out with, it was a no hassle, relaxing 11 days which is what we were in need of. Any complaints are minor and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. That you for all your information to get us ready for this cruise.

This was our first small ship, you were our first knowledgeable travel agent, we will pass your name along to friends and family.

—Markus and Jo, Lake Tahoe, Nevada