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Paul Gauguin Cruise Review

Itinerary: Tahiti and Society Islands - August 2015

Paul Gauguin

In the last five years I have had the pleasure of sailing on the m/s Paul Gauguin twice. This first time was with both of my parents and older brother. That trip was especially fun because my brother and I were a part of the AOTE youth program. The second trip was a fun girls-getaway with just my mom and I. It was very relaxing with lots of beach time!

When it comes to keeping the kids entertained on a vacation in Tahiti, there is no problem. The AOTE, Ambassadors of the Environment, program especially made sure of that. The experience was filled with once in a lifetime experiences and helped me meet other kids my age who I still keep in contact with on social media. We did everything from snorkeling with sharks and stingrays, exploring ancient tikis that were dumped into the ocean long ago, or hiking on trails with some of the world’s prettiest views. This youth program invites children ages 9-17 to get to go on some once-in-a-lifetime adventures all in the setting of French Polynesia's beauty.


Not only are the views in Tahiti unforgettable but so is the ship and the staff. The rooms are beautiful and extremely spacious and comfortable. Every morning before the days’ adventure began we would start by having breakfast in our room, actually better yet is having breakfast all prepared for us on our personal balcony as we overlook all the shades of blue that the South Pacific Ocean has to offer. The staff goes above and beyond to make everyone feel valued and important. There is never a moment where you need to worry about anything, you are well taken care of! Whether it's a conversation and a smile as they make your favorite smoothie or drink or asking if you had any luck finding Nemo when they see you're done snorkeling, you are always reminded of how much they care. The food is excellent too! They have a great selection, something for everyone, ranging from moon fish, shrimp, steak, and chicken to pizza or burgers served by the pool, or anything else you would want – and it’s all included!

Although my most recent trip to French Polynesia is the easiest to remember I have to say there are some things I won't forget from either trip. The days at the beach from both trips were unforgettable, the colors of the water, or how I would dip one toe in the water to brace myself for what would usually be cold water and then realize it was like getting in to a warm bath. I will never forget the sandy beaches too, the white sand is softer than any other beach and it makes simple days of lying in the sun the best days of your life. My personal favorite experience happened on my most recent trip. I was a little nervous because I had never done it but I wanted to learn to paddle board. It was kind of a bucket list thing, paddle boarding on the waters of Bora Bora. After the instructor got me the life jacket and board and gave me a quick lesson I was standing up and paddling all around and of course had to get the coolest picture with Bora Bora's Mount Otemanu in the background. It was truly an unforgettable experience!

Madison on Wakeboard

If you have ever wondered where the beautiful places are that pop up on your screensaver or in a magazine or on Facebook or Instagram come from, look no further because Paul Gauguin Cruises can take you there. Whether you want to take your friends, spouse, or the whole family there is truly something for everyone and so much to see and do. The cruise, beaches, water, the views, they truly are amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences but they don’t have to be just once-in-a-lifetime…. I look forward to going back again someday!


—Madison D.