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National Geographic Sea Lion Cruise Review

Itinerary: Among The Great Whales - February 2018

National Geographic Sea Lion

We enjoyed our Lindblad Expedition to Baja very much.

You asked if we saw whales? Which type of whales were you asking about ... we saw them all. We saw Blue, Humpback and Grey whales. Sharyn almost got to touch a grey whale calf but it swam under our zodiac at the last moment. We saw it right up close that is for sure. We also saw a large pod of dolphins and occasional otters.

We had cool conditions of about 60 degrees with wind most days. Everyone had all of their layers of clothing on especially when on the zodiacs. We had a mixture of sunny and partly cloudy days. Our naturalists said it was unusually cool and not typical of February.

Snorkeling with the seal lions was fun and extra cold. Sharyn brought her full wind surfing wet suit, gloves and seal-skin socks which allowed her to handle the 60 degree water. Smart lady. It is not that you didn't prepare us properly and that we didn't have a proper packing list. It was just unexpected cool weather and water.

We enjoyed the Sea Lion ship and all of the attention given to our group. The guides and ship crew were all excellent. They obviously love their jobs and are there to share their knowledge and excitement with us.

Our whole group really enjoyed the overall experience, but 10 degrees warmer would have been welcome.

— Mike