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National Geographic Sea Lion Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - June 2014

National Geographic Sea Lion

Pre 3 nights Seattle - Marriott Waterfront
Pre 3 nights Sitka - Westmark
Post 3 nights Juneau - Westmark

National Geographic and Lindblad Sea Lion - Category 3 cabin

Used our 4 Journal discount. We lost the paper, so giving you the number upon our return from Galapagos for safe keeping was brilliant.

We had been with Lindblad in Galapagos which was amazing due to the destination. Alaska was superior to the crew experience and destination.

Lee Flischer as head naturalist runs a tight ship. Everyone knows their jobs and do them well with a smile. Ship is not new but well maintained and very appropriate for the Alaska Inside Passage. Photographers on ship Richard and Richard were knowledgeable for the novice and they did a good job. Going out of their way to offer their help not waiting for someone to ask. They kept busy and were an asset to the cruise. James Dickman, the expert was a joy. I did not know him prior to the cruise, meant to Google but didn't. He was personable, helpful with no attitude (which photographers are known for). Was full of knowledge when asked and knew how to keep his distance and when to engage. Excellent addition to an already fantastic itinerary.

Food was exceptional, fresh, varied, not gourmet which was not expected. Well and attractively prepared. Bread and rolls were exceptional, kudos to the pastry chef. Zodiacs and kayaks are what got us off the ship. We needed our boots as we had almost all wet landing as it had rained at night. Many eagles, whales, sea lions, a few bears. To early in the season for the salmon spawning which was a disappointment. Photo wise it couldn't have been better. We went out early and late to take advantage of the change in light. I will enjoy going through my photos at a later time.

Overall an excellent vacation. Your planning of activities for our pre and post was flawless. I feel we well took advantage of what Alaska has to offer. We plan to return in 2016 and explore the land north and south of Anchorage. We wil be in touch.

— Milt Hornsby - Miami