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National Geographic Sea Lion Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - July 2013

National Geographic Sea Lion

Excellent trip!

Besides the glory of Alaska which has to be experienced to believe, the Lindblad adventure was equal and beyond to what we expected. We had four days of pure sunshine and a few days of a little drizzle, better than anticipated.

We researched different options for months before making a decision. We ruled out big ships very quickly and knew we wanted to immerse ourselves in the destination which is what the small adventure ships are known for.

Our choice was better than we ever expected. Jen Martin was our head Expedition Leader. We were lucky as she doesn't takeout many trips any longer as she is now in charge of the Expedition Leaders on all the Lindblad ships. her staff of naturalists is what made the trip so exceptional.

Food was fabulous. Looking at the galley it is amazing how they feed 64 passengers and crew three meals a day from such a small little galley. And my husband and I fight over counter space when we cook for ourselves.

Category 3 cabin, adequate, do not think I would want anything smaller.

Activities just go on and on. You go to sleep and think what a fabulous day you had and nothing could be better, and the next day always seemed to be. Glaciers calving for us was spectacular. Whales, one zodiac had a real close encounter with a whale that was dinner conversation. They had us going all day long and in the evening was time to relax and be educated about the next day. Drink in hand, chips on my lap, I sat and listened to the experts entertain us with their experiences. Educational and entertaining.

Overall, fabulous experience. Linda, thank you for your attention to detail and your follow up.

— Markus Miller, PA