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National Geographic Sea Lion Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - June 2011

National Geographic Sea Lion

Our experience in Alaska was beyond any words I can express. To see the smiles and laughter from my grandchildren was worth every penny spent. We are gladly starting a new savings fund for a trip in 2013, and you can bet we will be calling you soon on that idea.

Our food issues were not issues at all. Granddaughter with vegetarian was good, grandson with lactose intolerant was good, husband with diabetes was good (his desserts were delicious), the rest of us with our likes and dislikes were well accommodated. We were well taken care of.

Casey counted 12 whales in one day, some right next to the ship and others at a distance. We saw many variety of birds and beautiful spring wild flowers. We heard and saw and experienced the glaciers, the ancient ice falling in front of our eyes. We were educated as we watched by the most patient, sweet, passionate members of the crew. It was like they were seeing everything through our eyes for the first time. Meagan, has decided to major in marine biology when she goes to college so she can come back and work on a National Geographic ship.

The grandkids could be kids, our sons and daughters could have private time, and family time, and we could sit back and enjoy it all as everything was done for us. Not a single meltdown of anyone on the whole cruise, what a statement that is.

The ship was perfect for the experience. Expedition not luxury. Our cabins were scattered around the ship since we should have booked earlier, but that was ok. Everyone on ship became family and there were two other families with children which worked well for us. We had a mixture of Category 3 (for us) and the rest Category two on two different decks.

Overall, everything was perfect. We loved our first night in Sitka and took your suggestions for ice cream malts and dinner. You helped us plan every inch and we thank you so much. Also for the video and bottle of wine. Perfection.

Now what to do with all our Alaska clothes and rubber boots, we don't need them home in Florida. Linda - thank you.

— Robbins/Kettle/Street families

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