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National Geographic Sea Bird Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - May 2013

National Geographic Sea Bird

This trip exceeded our expectations from our first phone call to Sunstone Tours to the last trip when we were transferred to the airport for our flight home.

Besides Alaska being incredibly gorgeous, I assume this would be the same no matter what ship or what size ship you were on. Where this trip shines is the staff on board.

Expedition leader Lee Fleischer, experienced, knowledgeable and , approachable. Natural History Staff Bette Lu, William, Larry and Colin. I can't forget our video guy Eric who seemed to be everywhere. Our National Geographic photo instructor Linda who became my husbands new best friends over their camera conversations.

We hiked, we kayaked, we learned, we listened, we were taught, we laughed, we made new friends. We ate the very most delicious food that comes out of a galley no bigger than a shoebox. Don't know how they do it meal after meal. Amazing

Fellow passengers were from all states and age range from a few kids to 87 year old who was a pistol. A family from Australia and England.

We decided on a Category 3 cabin the best and largest on the Sea Bird. No awards in this department. It was clean, well maintained and the best was done with what was a smallish cabin and a bathroom.

One does not have to travel around the world to see such magnificent scenery, one can stay in their own country and be awed by the beauty.

Going to be a stretch to ever equal this experience. Thank you for your help.

— Lisa and Frank, New York