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National Geographic Sea Bird Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - May 2012

National Geographic Sea Bird

Linda, this trip exceeded all our expectations. It set the bar for any other vacation we will ever take. Your help and knowledge was perfect as was your gift of the bottle of wine.

We were in Cabin 105, Category 3, top category. The cabin was small but adequate. Thank goodness you warned us about the bathroom, it was clearly the bottom of the list of enjoyable moments on this trip. Sleep apnea machine was no problem.

We flew into Seattle a day early and stayed at the Four Seasons. A beautiful hotel but to do it again I would take your suggestion and stay at the Inn At The Market right near Pike's Market. Our flights went well and we were picked up at the airport by the Lindblad staff.

Our naturalists told us the prior sailings had nothing but rain and we lucked out with almost all sunshine. Our time in Glacier Bay was bright and sunny all day. Each day exceeded the prior. We saw Orcas, bears, wolves, and everything you can even imagine rare and not so rare in Alaska. Our Naturalists were thrilled for us as we had an unusual week. We were able to watch a brown bear walk down the beach and view two foxes laying on the sand. They saw each other, the bear stood up and put out a smell we were told, then carefully walked a big circle around the foxes back into the bushes. The foxes didn't move from their spot and did not take their eyes of the bear. It was an incredible sighting.

Food at each meal was delicious, better than I ever expected once I saw the size of the galley. They do amazing things in there. I do not eat seafood of which there was plenty of. Even a Crab night that everyone was so excited about. I had no issues, there were always other choices for me. Even Crab night they had a little buffet of ribs and coleslaw.

My husband found a fellow passenger who was big into kayaking, they went out together every morning for a workout. They were thrilled to have this option for them. The ship was not full, 41 passengers and the ship holds 62, this was nice as everything was wide open for us. Our fellow passengers were very compatible and we made a number of friends that we hope to keep in touch with and even sail another Lindblad sailing with. Thank you for your help and you will be hearing from us soon.

—Kathleen, New Jersey

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