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National Geographic Sea Bird Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - August 2011

National Geographic Sea Bird

The trip was extraordinary, beyond our expectations. The staff and crew on the ship couldn't have been more helpful and professional, and we were very sad at the end to separate from them. I was ready to stow away for another week! All the naturalists were so knowledgeable and went out of their way to answer any questions and give complete explanations for what we were seeing. We ended up feeling as though we had made many new friends. In fact, I coincidentally discovered that an old high school friend was on the ship with her family and we had a delightful time getting reacquainted.

In addition, the physical beauty of Alaska, particularly the coast, was remarkable. The glaciers were awe inspiring. The animals were plentiful. Denali was amazing, and the mountain was in full view on a rarely gloriously clear day.

The arrangements made by Knightly Tours were fine, and all went smoothly. Fairbanks was a surprise, much more interesting than we'd expected. Mary Shields was wonderful, and we came away feeling like she too was a new friend as well as a remarkable woman. The Museum of the North at the University of Alaska was one of the best small museums I've ever visited. And the Ice Museum was a lot of fun as well.

Talkeetna was a cute funky old town though very touristy, but the hotel was the nicest one we stayed in and beautifully situated with a clear view of "The Mountain". Anchorage, with the exception of the museum, was a disappointment. I can't imagine living there! But by that time, we were in "return home mode".

Thank you for steering us in the right direction. Though Lindblad / National Geographic was decidedly more expensive, we felt it was really worth the extra money. It made the difference between a very nice trip and a superlative experience. Thank you too, for the bottle of wine that welcomed us to our cabin. We enjoyed it for two evenings at dinner! That was a very nice touch.


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