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National Geographic Sea Bird Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - June 2011

National Geographic Sea Bird

Five of us in two cabins - two adults three children.

Hi, Linda! We just got home from Alaska this past Sunday (we spent two extra weeks there). It was OUTSTANDING! You would not believe how perfect the weather was… We had less than an hour of rain in a whole week! (It rained some at night, but not when we were awake.) The glaciers were awesome. Wow. We also had unbelievable “luck” with animals. Spent 3-4 hours watching humpbacks bubble-net feed, saw porpoise, sea otters, bears, lots of bald eagles, mountain goats, sea lions (feeding!) and seals, tons of birds/ducks… and got a glimpse of orcas. Perhaps I’ve forgotten something, but you get the idea. The kids enjoyed it all immensely, even despite being quite short on sleep. (We all went to bed on Alaska time -3 hours earlier than home- and got up on home time! :0) Everyone is ready to go again.

FYI – we had nearly as unbelievable weather/luck during our weeks in Denali and the Kenai Pen. We not only had one totally clear day on which to see the mountain, but TWO! Only bad weather hit at just perfect times to make our flightseeing tour not work out. But since we got such great views on the ground, we weren’t overly upset. =) Pretty much the best trip we could have possibly hoped for.


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