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National Geographic Sea Bird Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - July 2011

National Geographic Sea Bird

Thanks for all your help. We had a wonderful vacation! Our kids are DYING to go on another. (Us too!) They are foregoing some out-to-eat and other expenditures in order to save that money toward another trip. Sweet! We were five in our family and two cabins, worked perfectly.

Yes, Lindblad did a wonderful job. The crew is the standout and makes the trip more wonderful. We particularly appreciated Justin (naturalist and diver), Adam (bosun), Kendra (1st mate), Alexis (3rd mate), Michelle (health & kayaking), Steve (naturalist), Breanna (cleaning), Michael (hotel), and Sam (server). The only glitches were early in the week, probably when the staff were nervous about a 9 year old being unruly.

Brown Bear in Alaska

Yes, we purchased the video of the trip. But in hindsight, we wondered if we should have purchased two, since I doubt we can “back up” the video onto another DVD? I’d hate for something to happen to it – it was such a cool trip! Can you get us another one?

Brown Bear in Alaska Brown Bear in Alaska Brown Bear in Alaska

—Judy and family

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