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National Geographic Sea Bird Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - July 2010

National Geographic Sea Bird

I am typing this on my computer in the lounge of the National Geographic Sea Bird. It is our last night and I don't want this to end.

Hard to believe a week has gone by, we departed Juneau after an extra night at the Goldbelt Hotel in Juneau. Juneau has two hotels; one historic and one more modern, both are well located and three star accommodations. We had a lovely large double bedded room. We explored Juneau and took some shore excursions to the glaciers and a hike up Mt. Roberts.

We were welcomed on the ship by the crew, walked right on and in our cabin was our luggage.


We settled into our cabin, a Category 2 which has a door that opens right onto the promenade. The good news is that one can open the door and be right out with nature; the down side is that people can walk right by your cabin and look in. Our first morning, we woke up, opened the door and there we were outside in nature.I think those in Category 1 really miss this. We had twin beds as do most of the cabins in the ship. Our bathroom was adequate with nice quality fluffy white towels.


Breakfast and lunch are served in the dining room. Dinner is in the dining room with usually three entrees, meat, fish and vegetarian. The Chef will work with you on any food issues.


This itinerary was not big on port stops but more on nature. We used the zodiacs to get to shore to explore. Low boots are a good idea as that water is "ice" cold. We also got off the ship in Barlett Cove in the middle of Glacier Bay and spent time at the Glacier Bay Ranger Station and Glacier Bay Lodge. We had the opportunity to attend a number of their presentations during the afternoon and evening.


Every day was different and exciting. We went out on zodiacs exploring the inter coastal tidal zone and little hikes into the forest. Our time in Glacier Bay afforded us the time to hike. Some went with a ranger, who led a hike into the forest, while some went for an 11 mile hike to the lake. Things were available for all levels of activity.


The soul of the cruise line. From the Naturalists to those who run the ship who we rarely see are top notch and special. I learned that working for Lindblad and National Geo is the creme de la creme and they have their pick of the lot.


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