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National Geographic Sea Bird Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - June 20101

National Geographic Sea Bird

We thoroughly enjoyed our Lindblad cruise. You made the perfect match for what we wanted in a cruise and what Lindblad/National Geographic offered. We liked the fact that three levels of hikes were offered so you could pick the best type for you. We tried kayaking for the first time and really enjoyed it. I was impressed with the level of safety for kayaking - they had one staff person in a kayak to assist and help with instructions and another in a zodiac in case someone tipped over - no one did. We were only in very calm waters and close to shore.

The food was great with a wide variety offered. We enjoyed the casual atmosphere of the dining room. Our room was very nice with lots of storage space. It was a very economical use of space.

The expedition staff and naturalists were personable, well informed and took great pleasure in sharing their knowledge. This really made the trip a success. They also maintained a daily log that is posted to the website so your family/friends can track what is happening on a daily basis. You can access them on the Lindblad expeditions website under "guest experiences." There was a videographer for the trip and it was a excellent recap of our adventure. I'd recommend purchasing it.

By the end of the week, we were traveling with "family" of 62. It's the only way to go!

Thanks again for an excellent match of small ship sailing.

—Marianne and Dennis Wilcox

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