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National Geographic Sea Bird Cruise Review

Itinerary: Harvests, History and Landscapes - October 2017

National Geographic Sea Bird

We enjoyed the cruise with Lindblad as we always do. They are the best. Even so, we had a category 3 cabin it was still so small. The ship is great but now that I know they have a new ship called the Quest and another on its way called the Venture...We will look to do those ships next time. Three times on the Sea Bird is enough for us.

We really enjoyed the NG photographer and it was a big plus. He helped with shots of the landscape and taught us quite a bit about positions and sun etc.

The food was delicious and interestingly, most from the area we sailed through. Never knew so much was produced in the area. Wheat, beef, wine, beer, jellies/jams, cheese etc...

We enjoyed going through some of the locks in the zodiac, all 10 of us at a time. Due to the locks it is slow enjoyable more relaxing cruise than others we have taken with Lindblad. Education wise there is so much. The title says it all, history of Lewis and Clark was fascinating learning from experts in their field, the reason Lindblad stands out from the crowd. We would have enjoyed a little more hiking. As instead due to the itinerary you find you walk a lot in the ports as opposed to hiking. We did hike up to the Falls, of which I will not even attempt to spell, but it starts with an "M".

A good time was had by all...

—Bob and Joan, Naples, FL