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National Geographic Sea Bird Cruise Review

Itinerary: Among the Great Whales - February 2013

National Geographic Sea Bird

I guess the only thing I could say about this trip, and I also said it at the end of our trip in the Lounge when we had our re-cap was.

I have been on approximately 17 trips with Lindblad/National Geographic and I have yet to be disappointed. This trip was no exception. This was my 2nd time to Baja, so I was a little leery about returning because the first time was so wonderful. Turns out that this trip far exceeded the first.

We had several baby whales surrounding our boat just begging to be petted. They would even turn over on their backs so we could get to their chins easier. The staff were wonderful and so willing to meet our every need or demand. The ship was the perfect size for this journey, not to big or not to small. I had a Category 3 cabin which is the largest on the ship. Not large but comfortable. I would highly recommend this trip to everyone, which I do all the time. Thanks Linda and Lindblad for another wonderful trip, I shall return...

—JC from Michigan