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National Geographic Sea Bird Cruise Review

Itinerary: Among the Great Whales - January 2012

National Geographic Sea Bird

I just returned from a trip of a lifetime!

I was nervous going in, being Mexico and all the negative stories, and being a widow, this was my first trip as a single.

  • Mexico is beautiful
  • Mexico is safe
  • Mexico's people are warm, friendly, welcoming.

The news needs to distinguish and more explain the areas that are safe and open to visitors.

National Geographic Sea Bird, perfect size, we were a full ship, sold out as I understand the whole season is. Once you experience the Sea Bird you will understand. They immerse you in everything there is, nature and culture. We had naturists on board that were tip top in everything; photography, underwater life, whales experts with microphones to listen to the whale conversations. Swimming with the sea lions and hiking in the desert, we did it all.

I had a single cabin Category 1, small and basic, clean, great bed, good cabin steward took care of everything. He also worked as a waiter in the dining room. Being alone I was a little hesitant. But little by little I got comfortable and by the third/fourth day I had a whole group of friends who included me in everything. There were also two ladies who live a few hours away from me who travel with Lindblad all the time. They asked me to join them on their next trip, not knowing where it will be, I tentatively said yes.

Linda, please pass this on to any of your single clients who are hesitant like I was to travel alone. Yes, I had to fly myself, but once at the ship I felt pampered and always taken care of and included. Meals were the chance to meet everyone, no assigned seats. Kayaking - I always had a partner or a crew member. It was just all GREAT. Thank you for your help along the way.

—Millie Anne MacIntosch - Iowa