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National Geographic Quest Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness - July 2018

National Geographic Quest

We had unusually good weather. I think the most impressive aspect of the trip was the crew...they were knowledgeable, accessible, and personable. The entire trip was well organized. We were kept informed about every event both before and after. Guest speakers from the park service, the Tlingit tribe, and environmental advocacy groups came aboard in the evenings. The crew was attuned to wildlife sightings and altered the daily schedule to linger, observe, and educate.

One highlight was a group of seven whales bubble feeding. The captain maneuvered the ship to give us our best view and stayed in place for a very long time. The Zodiac trips were fun and brought us closer to floating ice, glaciers, and marine life. The only frustration was that land animals like bears and sheep were spotted infrequently and were so far away that only the folks with 400mm lenses got a good look. Generally, we were kept safe, happy, and well informed. Food was good and the newer ship was lovely.

Thank you Linda

— Martin and Vicki, North Carolina