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National Geographic Quest Cruise Review

Itinerary: Exploring Alaska Coastal Wilderness - August 2017

National Geographic Quest

Here is our review of our experience on Lindblad's new ship and visitng Alaska. We had been on the Sea Bird in Baja a few years ago so knew the Lindblad ways and means.

We were thrilled to sail this boat as so many prior sailings were canceled due to some malfunction at putting it in the water. I know this is a benchmark spot for Lindblad as being their very first ship built for their purpose. That said...I don't think it has gone as totally expected. (get to that later).

We had the most wonderful naturalists and crew. Their excitement was contagious. We saw many whales, some of the same we might have seen years ago in Baja. I would say we saw whales every day which I understand is unusual. Glacier Bay was pristine and gorgeous with cloudy skies which is best for photos. Enjoyed the expertise of the National Geo trained photographer on board, a nice added plus. Tracy Arm spectacular and Fords Terror tides amazing. Kayaking was great, jumping salmon at one point. Transfers and excursions all went without a hitch. Many crew who were experienced from prior boats and a mix of new youngins.

The ship itself is gorgeous with so many open spaces and windows galore. You feel you are inside outside. WIndows in the dinning room are appreciated for all meals, as it is never dark. Our cabin was lovely, new feel and modern and nice color palette. Heads and shoulders above the Sea Bird. We very much enjoyed the advanced technology of the Bridge explained to us by the Captain. Overall, a wonderful adventure in the wilds of Alaska.

Now the ship....I think it was missing a "punch list" after it was launched. I hear it is going into dry dock after the Alaska season which should fix things. The air conditioning is uneven throughout the ship. Some top level cabins had water problems at one point. Some cabins I heard were very noisy. The food didn't seem up to a level I remembered from our prior sailing. The elevator had problems. Some of the lounge seats were funky. Our shower water was uneven in temperature and pressure. These were all just minor annoyances like a new house. The Punch List needs to be fixed.

A great time was had by all. Thank you Linda for your help and friendship.

— Mel and Meg, Dallas Texas