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National Geographic Quest Cruise Review

Itinerary: Harvests, History and Landscapes - October 2018

National Geographic Quest

I love history, and so does my son. This trip was a special treat for him for accomplishing an advanced degree. Very proud ! I know the reputation of National Geographic, so when I saw the title Harvest, Landscapes and History, this was it.

My son is an avid photographer so we chose the October 5th sailing with Jonathan Kingston a professional photographer. We were able to do our research on Johnathan. We were fans even before we met him. Look up Jonathan Kingston Photography, quite impressive. I won't say that Jonathon made the cruise what it was, but it sure did add a big extra bonus to the experience.

The food was good. Got to meet new interesting people, by the third day we were all friends. We went from Portland to Clarkston. I was excited to go through the locks and listen to the rich history of the area and the Lewis and Clark expedition. Wine was an addition we didn't expect. I got my history, my son got his photography. It was the best of both worlds.

This was our first cruise on a small ship and it definitely made a great impression on us. The crew was fantastic. Very helpful and polite. They are willing to help you make your adventure all that you want it to be. They seem to be having as much fun and discovering along with you.

We saw a large paddle wheel ship along the way. It looked like it should be in a movie. Beautiful, but must be such a different experience than we had with our hiking and zodiacs and excursions. I am sure there is market for everyone. If I can afford it again, Lindblad is our next adventure. Whitney, we thank you for your help.

—Mom and Son Ruthorford, Chicago, IL