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National Geographic Islander Cruise Review

Itinerary: Islander Galapagos - May 2010

National Geographic Islander

First day, after lunch our first landing on the beach covered with sea lions. You could have left me there all week and I would have been happy.

What an incredible destination. The animals have no fear of humans and everything is in close encounters. We saw more birds and sea life than I could every have imagined. No mater how many books I have read and tv programs I have seen on the Galapagos, nothing can prepare you for up close and personal. I honestly stopped taking pictures after the first few days as I didn't want to see things from behind a lens but right in front of me.

The National Geographic Islander was a first class ship. You know the staff had done this before as it ran so smoothly. This what we paid the big bucks for and we were completely satisfied. We saw the Endeavour one day, and as it looked like a nice ship, our smaller ship was a gem and I am glad we chose her. We were happy with our cabin, happy with the food, extremely happy with the expert naturalists on board. I feel not only did we "see" Galapagos but we were educated on the how and why and fragile future of the islands.

Thank you Lindblad for a wonderful vacation and learning experience. Linda thank you for knowing your "stuff" and making your suggestions of where you thought we would be happy, you hit it right on the mark.

—Leslie Wigham, San Francisco

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