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National Geographic Islander Cruise Review

Itinerary: Galapagos - December 2007

"This sea lion just feel asleep on my bag!"

A few weeks ago I went on a Lindblad cruise to the Galapagos. The easiest way to describe it is AMAZING, but I will try to explain myself. When we ended the trip back at the airport and I saw all the beautiful pictures taken by professional photographers I realized that I had seen almost all of those sights. Most of the time when I travel, the professionally done photographs are much better than anything I get to see, but this was not so at the Galapagos. This might have been my favorite part of the trip; the fact that we got to see so many pretty views and wild animals, none of which had any fear of humans.

With all of the crazy, exotic animals that we saw, (penguins and flamingos in the same day!) my favorite animal might come as a surprise. I had a bonding experience with the sea lions when we were snorkeling nothing can beat a game of tag with a sea lion under water. They were so playful! Whenever a snorkeler dove under water the sea lions would come racing towards you only to veer out of the way at the last moment. It was so much fun!

Playing in the sand of the Galapagos

Some may wonder what this trip was like as a teen, but my initial response was simply to leave the answer out of this review because it seems so irrelevant. There were only a few kids/teens, but even those teens that were on the trip I chose not to hang out with because of all the other fun activities there were to do. It was such a nice balance of interesting things to do, from snorkeling, hiking and kayaking to educational workshops and our daily siesta (which I highly recommend). Maybe this only applies to older teens, (I’m 17) but I can hang out with grownups and don’t need other teenagers to make my vacation interesting.

My only complaint would be seasickness (although that is not something the ship could control). I would strongly recommend that people bring seasickness medicine. The only good thing I can say about the seasickness is that most of our traveling was done at night and when I’m asleep I don’t get seasick.

Altogether I had a blast on my trip to the Galapagos and would highly recommend my trip to others.

—Tsipora, 17 years old.