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National Geographic Explorer Cruise Review

Itinerary: Antarctica - The White Continent - January 2018

National Geographic Explorer

This was an epic adventure. In cost and experience. Planned a trip with the family for my big birthday. This was the time for our adult children to join us before Grandchildren are in the picture. This was the perfect way to hang out with your family without having to be around them all the time.

First off, I would highly recommend booking early considering how popular the trip is. We wanted cabins next or across from each other but were not able to get that. It turned out ok, since the boat really is not large.

The land is white ice and black mountains, and the sky is either white or blue. All such sharp contrasts. It is quiet like you have never heard before, it is massive like never seen before. An epic experience. The Captain is a large key to your experience. We had to change some plans due to weather and his experience made it all work out. This is the importance of sailing with a knowledgeable company. The Naturalists educated us as to what we were seeing or what we would see. Our son was hip to hip to the National Geographic Photographer. There was no hesitation to teach everything he could. Some of our photos are breathtaking. We returned with zero souvenirs beyond the wonderful memories that will last forever. LOVED my parka, was my best friend.

Warning! If you get seasick, it could be a rough trip depending on the seas. The vessel itself is very stable, but the seas will make it pitch and rock. I have heard that some trips stay on Drake Lake, so they don’t really have any issues, but that was not the case with us. A couple of us definitely needed medication, but the crew was awesome with how they handled the trip. They had candied ginger out for people and were even suggesting their own remedies. I would just make sure you come prepared. I would also recommend a cabin, more in the center of the ship and lower down. A little more stability which helps with the weaker stomachs.

You couldn’t get better service by the crew. We called on them many times for a variety of needs and they were knowledgeable and helpful. They went out of their way to try and anticipate needs before you ask for them. You think where you are and you think of how well things are run and it is almost an oxymoron experience. They had a little cake for my birthday and sang to me. One of our sons is sensitive to peanuts, and thankfully we had no issues. Our travel agent filled out a form for us to alert the kitchen staff. The food was always fresh, good portion sizes and varied. . All in all it was an incredible trip and thank Linda and Lindblad and their team. They really provided an incredible trip that made memories for a lifetime.

— Betty