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National Geographic Endeavour Cruise Review

Itinerary: Endeavour Galapagos - October 2015

National Geographic Endeavour

This was a Bucket List trip for my husbands 70th birthday. We looked at many options as there are so many ships that go to the Galapagos Islands. We originally thought we wanted smaller than 100 passengers. We thought we wanted maybe a sail boat. But..after doing mounds of research which probably could have been avoided by a single phone call to Linda Androlia at Sunstone Tours. By her recommendation as Lindblad's connection with National Geographic being the best options, as well as it appears Lindblad is the father of tourism in Galapagos. It certainly wasn't the east expensive so we had high expectations.

We had Lindblad book our air from Las Vegas through Miami to Guayaquil and return. We were picked up at the airport by the shuttle of the Hilton Colon Hotel. There were a number on our flight, only we didn't know it until we all got on the same shuttle. Five minute drive and 20 minutes later we were in our room. A good nights sleep and up early for breakfast and back to the airport. Two or so hour flight and we arrived in the islands. Weather was a balmy 80 degrees which was perfect.

The ship..she seems to be old but impeccably maintained. We had a Category 3 cabin on the A Deck. Since there is no elevator we got our exercise. The ship is comfortable not full of luxury and set up for the destination.Food, plentiful and exceptional. They accommodated all my mini allergies and requirements with a smile no less. Little smattering of regional fare. Three meals 2 buffet and dinner sitdown. Full bar, coffee, tea and cookies in the library.

Swimming, hikes, snorkeling, zodiacs, kayaks. We did it all over and over again. Very active, no sitting around reading a book. You could if you wished, but why would you. Everyday one or two islands. Just when you thought the island and sea and land life you saw today could not be beat, the next day it does and so on. Once off the ship the country of Ecuador has many regulations and Lindblad is understandably a stickler for keeping to the rules.

Fellow passengers were like minded. Only two children from So American on the cruise. Otherwise the age range is about 45-75. As the crew is very professional, you some how feel a connection between passenger and crew in a friendship sort of way. Everyone we spoke to was thrilled and proud to be working on this ship.

It really was a trip of a lifetime. I can't find anything to complain or suggest to be done better. Tell your clients to bring heavy sunscreen and a hat, the sun is strong. Good walking shoes are a must. They had walking sticks which I found helpful. Sorry the trip is over in such a short time. After others on our Bucket List I think we would like to return.

—Margo and Russell, Las Vegas