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National Geographic Endeavour Cruise Review

Itinerary: Endeavour Galapagos - March 2012

National Geographic Endeavour

There were six of us, 2 adults and 4 children. Our kids are world travelers so we expected they would do well on this trip. Not only did they do well, all four said it was the best trip of their life. They have been on safari in Africa and many ski slopes around the US, so this is not easily said.

The National Geo part of the trip as expected was superb. The photo person was tops in all aspects. From teaching novices to experts and putting on shows of our amateur photos. Full of knowledge and a personality that allowed us to "sort of pick his brain". The Lindblad working staff, the waitresses, the zodiac guys, the kayak guys, they just never stop. They work long hours and seem to love every minute of what they do. They all work together as a greased machine, it must take lots of training for it all to work so well.

The kids Junior Explorer program. They got this right. Kids are running around doing deeds, writing journals, looking at stars, learning spanish, all sorts of good educational busy stuff that earns them points. At the end of the cruise the points turn into stuff that they take home with them. Again a well oiled program that kept the many children happy and busy.

The food was good, the equipment, wet suits and all were good and in good shape.

Our cabins, Category 3 were fine. We had one of the large triples and doubles and it worked very well. I would have liked one of the Category 5 with balcony if I had won the lottery.

We were made to feel very special and well taken care of in a foreign environment. A place that you could not go yourself, you need and appreciate the naturalists along with you. The pre and post hotels and flights went without a hitch. Bottom line, we got value for our dollar and in 2012 one can't say that very often. Lindblad thank you, Linda thank are one great attention to detail travel agency owner. We will be working with you again.

P.S.: I could write volumes about how spectacular the Galapagos Islands are, but for your website, the people want to know what the ship experience is like, so that is my focus in this report.

—The Hankson family

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