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National Geographic Explorer Cruise Review

Itinerary: Antarctica, South Georgia and The Falklands - November 2015

National Geographic Explorer

We booked this trip so long prior to sailing it seemed like the anticipation went on forever. We knew that these few sailings get closed out a year prior and we had missed the prior year and didn't want that to happen again. As you know we made a Pre booking before you even had the dates for 2015. To Linda's clients reading this...this is how you have to do it. Book with no obligation before they even have it planned.

This is a fabulous trip! A once in a life time I thought until we met one couple that was on their fourth tour, and another couple who had the captain marry them on the Antarctic continent. and were back to recapture the memories. What a wedding story!

  1. Most important, book the trip that goes to South Georgia. 90% of the wildlife we saw was on S. Georgia. The ice in Antarctica is awesome and there are some penguins but if you’re going that far, don’t miss S. Georgia. The southern elephant seals are a must, truly awesome creatures. I consider S. Georgia a real highlight of the trip. Yes I know the trip is longer and costs more. But if you are going this far doing the short tip just doesn't seem worth it to me.
  2. Buy a cap at Palmer station Antarctica, I’ve had a number of people ask me about mine; nice conversation starter.
  3. This can be a rough trip depending on the seas. The vessel is very stable but there will be motion. The crew put out candied ginger when it gets rough and that really helps but folks may want to consider their personal situation and any extra motion sickness meds they may want. Some trips they say are on the Drake Lake and no issues. We were not that lucky.
  4. On the same subject, a cabin near midship is to be preferred. The vessel pitches more than it rocks so cabins near the bow experience the worst motion(that sinking elevator feeling). Cabins closer to stern should be OK but midship and low is best for folks who are more susceptible to seasickness.
  5. Your National Geographic Lindblad is the way to go. We had been on their Galapagos trip and also thought it was the best for the money. The Explorer is a wonderful ship. The food, the service can't get much better. The lectures and knowledge on the ship with us was extraordinary. This is why you do this trip with this specific company.

Thank you for all your help again Linda. Not sure where our next Lindblad destination will be but we are saving out pennies.

— The folks from Texas