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Delfin II Cruise Review

Itinerary: Upper Amazon - August 2018

This is our second Lindblad having done Alaska three years ago.

Arrived Lima late evening. transferred airport to hotel, connected to airport. Costa Del Sol, Wyndham. Lima interesting, should have come in a few days early.

Short morning tour of Lima. Back to airport, flight to Iquitos bus ride to Nauta and to the ship. Very long day.

Delfin ll. stunning from a Humphrey Bogart movie. Suites, the smaller and less expensive option. It was beautiful, full picture window, and not what we expected.

Crew Amazonian. This is what made everything authentic. The men grew up in the jungle, they knew every twist and turn. Did not matter light or dark. We were told they left their villages to learn English and come back to be guides. Only the best become Lindblad guides.

Considering where we were and expectations of Lindblad standards had to be flexible.

Meals, cooked in open kitchen, most not to my liking. Others were happy. with many local delicacies. I am a picky and not adventuresome eater. I did not go hungry.

All crew could be naturalists, this is their hood, only for their lack of English. National Geographic photographer helped capture incredible moments in pictures.

The wildlife,sea life, birds, monkey, sloth, parrots Macaws, pink/grayish dolphins. Fishing for Piranhas. Nothing recognizable from our experience. Everything was new. Crew chopping through the jungle with their machete. Always felt we were lost, learned to trust the crew. Active trip had to be in good shape to experience everything.

Visiting small villages along the river’s edge. Eye-opening experience. Every spoiled teenager should made a visit. Lindblad is very welcomed into the villages.

Needed to study more of experience to have more realistic expectations. Should have come into Lima early. Otherwise, as thinking back on the experience, it was exceptional. I would only go with a reputable company with a lot of experience as Lindblad has.