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La Pinta Cruise Review

Itinerary: Darwin's Islands & Colonial Quito - June 2018

La Pinta in the Galapagos

This was a bucket list trip, one that we waited a long time in coming.

It was a once in a lifetime experience. It was delightful. Some of the islands looked like you were on the discovery channel. Each island had its own uniqueness. We felt like true explorers . We visited seven of more popular islands, as I understand there are many many islands. We saw almost all of the magnificent 15. The only one that we did not see was the condor. How can I describe the blue color of the Blue Footed Booby.

The boat, La Pinta was great and so was the staff. The cabins were lovely, the boat small enough that we got to know everyone. There was a Doctor on board who was kept busy as many of us had issues. Someone stepped on Coral and cut their foot. Another overdid the sun without lotion., things like this. It was nice that all beverages were included. It was nice that we were only a group of 12 when off the boat. Enjoyed the glass bottom boat as I didn't feel comfortable snorkeling. The staff was very patient in trying to teach me, but I gave up, they didn't.

Our time in Quito was lovely but not long enough. A place I would like to go back to. The logistics of getting there are a little overwhelming from California. No easy way to get there or back. But definitely worth it. Thank you for your help and information.

—Ana Merco, California