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La Pinta Cruise Review

Itinerary: Darwin's Islands & Colonial Quito - May 2017

La Pinta in the Galapagos

As you can imagine, the trip was fantastic. Beyond expectations! The UnCruise staff, the La Pinta, the guides, everything about the cruise was great. This was our second cruise with Uncruise, we visited Alaska in 2013.

I believe this is a new itinerary for UnCruise, so the land portion had a few hiccups, Nothing major to detract from the wonderfulness of it all.

Galapagos Tortoises

The staff was at the airport to pick us up, but transfers were confusing. Again – nothing terrible, just an area that could be improved.

On a personal note, we had two observations. First, while all the land accommodations were terrific, the hotels quaint, luxury with excellent staff. We could not ask for anything better. We felt the restaurants we went to seemed designed more for the tourist trade. Would’ve been nice to go to places that had a more “locals” feel. I understand that the dynamics of bringing 20 people in to one place might preclude this. We were in two groups of 10 each which made everything very personal and easy to move around. Couldn’t a group of ten go to one place, and the other to another place?

There was so much to see and enjoy we could have spent weeks, but having a bit more free time to wander around would have been nice. But we did not want to miss anything that was offered as everything was so special.

And finally, one overall thought about combining Galapagos with Peru. The trips are so different. One is water and animals, the other is land and history. Both are fantastic. I would have liked to “savor” one before heading straight to the other. So much to take in and enjoy, could easily been two separate fantastic trips. But then it is a difficult destination to get to and would take another separate adventure.

Linda, please don’t take any of this as criticism. In my position at work I appreciate having people tell me that we’re going a great job but also showing me where we can improve. That’s the spirit in which these comments are made. It was over all a spectacular trip to a spectacular destination. Thanks for all your help making this trip happen.