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Evolution Cruise Review

Itinerary: Galapagos Island Vacation - February 2011


I bet you are glad we are back and raving about our experience. I know we were so much trouble for you. You were so patient and gracious with our semi-dysfunctional family.

Of course those who went kicking and screaming are the first to wax glowing of their experience.

We are a family of 9. Six adults and 3 children, ages 8, 11, 13. We traveled from all corners to Miami and stayed the night in the airport hotel. Then our flight out to Ecuador. We were met at the airport and taken to our hotel, Hotel Del Oro. We spent the night and the next morning into our Galapagos adventure.

We found the small size of the Evolution to our liking. The boat has an old world look to it from the outside but the inside is anything but. Very modern, lovely, clean and luxurious. We had two naturalists Bolivar being our all time favorite. We learned that all employees on a ship in Galapagos must be citizens of the country. We were in the suites, the kids had a deluxe regular cabin.

We were out on excursions always two or three times a day. It was busy and active which is what we asked for. The kids were thrilled, the staff did fun things for them, zooming rides in the zodiacs, our 13 year old got to drive one for a short time. He now wants to finish college and come back to work on a ship in the Galapagos.

Always a wet, towel, cold drink and hose to clean our shoes upon returning. We would give up our shoes on our last outing of the day and they would come back clean and warm the next morning in front of our door.

Galapagos itself is beyond description. You are one with the animals. The most similar to safari in Africa. Only these animals are not dangerous and they can interact with you. Swim with sea lions, sit on the beach and play with them. I never expected to see Penguins but we did. Only on one specific island. The turtles are magnificent, what a learning curve to hear how they live and are taken care of at the Darwin Institute.

The ship gave us spring wet suits, goggles and fins. We kept them for the whole trip so no waste of time fitting them day after day. Food was to everyone's liking, good variety and if you didn't like something, the kids would order spaghetti or hamburgers.

Overall, everything exceed our expectation, especially the destination itself. Pictures can not do it justice. Videos maybe, but you can't feel and smell the animals as it is a destination for all senses.

Thank you for all your education and patience with us. It was truly an extended family trip of a life time.

—Malcom/Prentice/Robinson Family