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American Star Cruise Review

Itinerary: Hudson River Fall Foliage Cruise - September 2017

American Star

When thinking about taking a cruise, my husband and I knew we wanted to the east coast thing. I am huge into seeing fall foliage, since where we live doesn’t get much in the way of seasons. I have worked with Linda a couple times, so when had no reservations about leaving our dream trip in her very capable hands. We told her a few parameters for what we wanted to see and she recommended this incredible trip with American Cruise Lines specifically to see the fall foliage. Being that I am a huge theater geek, when I first heard that this trip starts in the Big Apple and cruises up and down the Hudson, I got supper excited. We decided to spend a couple days there while we adjusted to the time-change and caught a couple Broadway shows while we were there, along with some other important New York tourist destinations.

My first impression of the ship was fantastic. We were greeted with smiling faces by the crew who were ecstatic to see us. We were directed to our cabin 313, and were surprised to see a lovely small balcony two chairs and a small table, just waiting for someone to curl up on it while sailing. When booking this trip, I wondered how the size of the ship would work, but by the end of the trip, we were friends with every single one of the other 98 passengers.. Still in touch with some of them to this day. The crew was always extremely attentive, and even intuitive almost. We had our favorites when it came to the staff and would try to sit at their table every meal, to the point that they knew I wanted coffee and OJ every morning and I never had to ask. The food was good, fresh with decent portions. We were never hungry when we left the ship for the day, and they were able to work with my dietary restrictions so I never felt like I was missing out on something.

This trip was more than I could have dreamed with the colors of the leaves. Every color imaginable could be seen, and most days while I was sitting on my balcony, cruising by, I thought I was staring at a postcard or a painting. It was truly unreal. My husband is a huge history buff so the shore excursions were right up his alley, to the point he looked like a kid in a candy store. We could not have chosen a better trip for ourselves and are so thankful that Linda knew so much about the ship and the cruise line to tell us exactly what we needed to know, and what to bring with us. She said she knew the ship and had sailed on it before. Definitely a trip of a lifetime, and we will continue to book with Linda, and hopefully start to chip away at the bucket list now that we are both retired.