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American Star Cruise Review

Itinerary: Great Rivers of Florida - April 2008

American Star

Linda, as you know we debated about visiting Disney World but decided to pass and fly in and go straight to the ship. We are glad we did as the transfer from the airport to the port was about 25 minutes and then within the hour of getting on the ship we sailed out.

Our first lunch was a the key to the rest of the trip. Five pound gain no matter how many of the delicious desserts I turned down. Breakfast was always full of fresh fruit and muffins as well as a whole menu. Lunch was soup, sandwich, salads, always something good and creative. Some people asked for box lunches and went off on their own. Before dinner we had cocktail hour with trays and goodies passed among us. Dinner was always fish and meat dishes as well as fresh bread and salad or soup. Then at 9pm as if we didn't have enough to eat they would bring out the ice cream.

Our staff was sweet young college age kids, always with a smile and willing to please. I think a perfect job for my granddaughter. But they sure do work hard and earn their tips at the end of the cruise.

We had a balcony cabin which I very much enjoyed. The door opening and the chairs were a nice place to chill out every afternoon before dinner.

We visited cities, we sailed through such narrow areas we could almost touch the trees on each side of the ship, each day varied.

We learned about alligators, oak trees, moss, revolutionary war history, old railroads, played golf, panthers, renaissance architecture, gilded age mansions, stars in the sky, white tail deer and so much more.

This is definitely a different Florida than Miami, we are so glad we had this experience.

We signed up for another cruise Maine Coast and Harbors for 2009, the crew said you would be told about it so you get the credit. They offered a good discount if we booked while on the ship, so we took advantage of it.

Again Linda, thank you for all your efforts in our behalf.

—Dr. and Mrs. Peter Gully - Huntsville, Alabama