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American Spirit Cruise Review

Itinerary: New England Islands - July 2008

American Spirit

Just got back, wanted to write before I forget. We chose this specific sailing for Newport, RI. My wife is a old big mansion nut. She was able to visit many of the homes she had only read about. Yes, even she says this tour was so much more than what we expected.

We had the handicapped room, large and lovely. I guess no one needed it and we were happy to have it since it does seem larger.

  • Providence - stayed overnight
  • New Bedford - once the whaling capital of the world - abundance of whale oil
  • Nantucket Island - felt like we were tourists and they wanted to see to us but see us leave
  • Martha's Vineyard - totally different attitude - very friendly
  • Bristol - cute small city
  • Block Island - reminds me of Key West without the "alternate lifestyles"

Differences from big ship

No line up getting on or off ship, meals in dinning room, casual and can set with anyone. Big plus, wine and beer at all meals and before dinner. Staff was very attentive, some where not that well trained but had a smile and were very willing. 100 passengers and small crew. Food was very good, not gourmet but good. I had my fill of fresh seafood. Could have meals with guest speaker if you wished, nice gal.

Shore excursions add up, but each was good in value. So many places to see didn't want to miss anything. Good walking tours, some after dinner, walk off the desserts.

Gave the crew a generous tip in the gratuities envelope the last night. They deserve it.

Good trip we will do it again.

—R.J. Beason Jr.

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