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Alaskan Dream Cruise Review

Alaska's Islands, Whales & Glaciers - July 2017

Misty Fjords

From the Barans and us, we wanted to send a big THANK YOU!

First, this allowed us to relax and enjoy our first week in Alaska on our RV trip. We were fearing we would have to re-arrange flights, book lodging, rent a car -- after we decided what we would want to do and where we would want to go! So it was a great relief to have this work. We found you on line as the small ship expert. We called with little expectation that with such shore notice you could do anything for us. But, alas, in our eyes, you truly are the expert.

Second, the trip on the Misty Fjord was absolutely marvelous! It checked all our boxes for activities and sites and wildlife. The food was excellent; the crew was fun and even the weather was good. The cabins were claustrophobic, but we only spent time sleeping and getting ready for the day in them. It was fun to hang out in the common area and enjoy the company of old and new friends -- when we weren't hiking, kayaking and sightseeing on the deck. [Our highlight was watching two humpback whales circle our ship for almost 20 minutes within feet of us!]

What made it extra special was that the two other couples on the cruise (they were neighbors from Texas) were celebrating their 40th anniversaries as were we! We are all married within 4 months of each other -- how about that!

And we had a humorous moment the last night in Alaska in Juneau. We rode up the tram and had dinner and when we came down what was sitting in the dock -- the Lindblad/Nat Geo Quest!

So again, THANKS!

— Gordon