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Alaskan Dream Cruise Review

June 2015

Alaskan Dream

Alaska is magnificent. A small ship is the only way to appreciate it. We were up close and present to everything. Except we did not see a moose. Guess we will have to go back again to make our sightings complete.

We were on Alaska Dream, from Alaskan Dream Cruises, sailing round trip Sitka. 8 Day Glacier Bay and Island Adventure cruise. We had a AAA cabin. We enjoyed this trip more than any other we have taken,

We came in two days early and stayed one night at the Totem Square and one night at the Westmark Sitka. At the end we stayed another night at the Totem Square. Both ok, nothing to rave about, but considering where you are they were fine. We ate dinner at both hotels and thought food was good at each.

We met our cruise people at the Totem in and started off with our luggage being taken to the ship and us being taken on walking tour of Sitka. The staff was friendly, personable, and energetic from the get go. A great bunch of young adults.

Our ship experience was great. We saw and did everything. Our day in Hobart Bay was our activity day and a good time was had by all. We wished we were able to kayak in front of a glacier but instead we were in a beautiful bay. We visited ports we spent time in Glacier Bay. We got off the ship each time to experience everything we could. In one spot we were told there were Noceums flying around and we opted not to get off at the cannery for this reason. Otherwise we were very content with the time off and on the ship.

Food was great, fresh and varied and plentiful. the crew is the standout. Their attitude and enthusiasm is contagious and makes everything positive and rosy, We made friends with a number of people on the ship. Once off the ship we hung with our new friends for our last night in Sitka. had dinner and just enjoyed our new friends and our jokes and fun of our cruise. We exchanged numbers and hope we will cruise together again,

A note on your behalf. Pre cruise at the hotel we meet two couples who were also going on our cruise. They were pretty much clueless on what to expect and what to do in Sitka their first night on their own. You educated us, gave us maps, explained so much of what was going to be expected. We felt very much in the know and thank you for your excellent service above and beyond just booking our cruise. We will be calling you for our next small ship. The only way to go.

— Barb and Marcus - Dallas, Texas