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Queen of the West Cruise Review

Itinerary: Columbia River - July 2018

Queen of the West

Long wait at the airport. Flight delayed with no real reason given. Flying is no fun these days. So I am doing my review on my laptop.

Portland was interesting and having the pre night hotel was great with the second night we booked. Powells City of Books Store as great as you said. All your suggestions were well received. Museums and restaurants.

Upon seeing the ship, it took our breath away. So classic, so historic, bright white reflecting the sun and clouds. Just magnificent. And then we got on the ship and it was not quite as magnificent.

Our room was small, with this annoying step up into the bathroom which a few times at night almost was a problem. No closet but an amoir which took up room in the cabin. Having been on another ACL ship this was not up to par. Pretty much all the passengers were old farts like us and we made some nice friends. We could hear other cabins with their water running from next door or above us.

Lecturer was just ok, many would use it as a bedtime story to fall asleep. We found the area beautiful and the shore excursions nice. We arranged many of the featured tours ahead of time and felt they were worth the money. Lots of Lewis and Clark education. Tour up Hells Canyon was a treat, and very unusual. Margaret enjoyed the food and had no complaints. I found teh portions very small and ordered seconds and even sometimes thirds at dinner. It was a nice trip probably lived up to our expectations but did not exceed them. Will be glad to get home.

Thank you for your help ... can you do anything for these damn flights wasting our time.

—P and M from Chicago